100 plus edge 300ml

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100 plus edge 300ml

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100Plus Edge is specially formulated to help restore what the body loses in the course of the day. Its unique combination of carbohydrates (glucose and sucrose) and electrolytes (minerals) helps in efficient transport of nutrients into the body, and is an immediate source of energy, enabling consumers to achieve peak performance in their daily active lifestyles.

Rehydrate and re-energize your body with this great beverage from F and N. It is non-carbonated and enriched with B Vitamins to aid in the production of energy and speed up after-sports recovery. Hydrates better than mineral water to cool down your body temperature, it helps to replenish the lost fluids, electrolytes and energy from your body. Reward your active lifestyle with optimum hydration with 100 Plus Edge Isotonic drink. It is very suitable during scorching day as well as after doing sports.

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