100 plus regular 325ml

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100 plus regular 325ml

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100Plus Regular is a lightly carbonated, isotonic thirst quenching drink formulated to restore what the body loses during physical exertion and to help achieve optimum hydration and electrolyte balance. Available in 3 refreshing flavours: 100PLUS Original, 100PLUS Lemon Lime and 100PLUS Tangy Tangerine. 100Plus Regular combines fluids, sugars (glucose and sucrose) and electrolytes to restore hydration balance, and assist in the quick and efficient transportation of nutrients to where they are needed most in the body.

100Plus Regular is the No. 1 isotonic drink in Malaysia. It helps to rehydrate, refresh and re-energise to keep you moving especially for those who are active in sports and live an active lifestyle. 100PLUS has been clinically proven to provide 43% more endurance than water alone by containing the optimum balance of thirst-bursting and energy replacing ingredients which helps you to achieve peak performance in your daily routine, both at work and leisure.

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