24 mantra organic cashew whole 100 gms

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24 mantra organic cashew whole 100 gms

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24 Mantra Organic Cashew Whole 100gms - is light and crispy; can be used for a variety of Indian Snacks at home.

24 Mantra Organic Cashew Whole 100gms. 24 mantra offers irresistible organic whole cashews. These addictive munchies also serve as a great snack. These organically grown cashews enhance the taste of any sweet dish while giving richness to gravies. This 24 mantra product adds a natural taste to the cuisines it is added to. Packed with healthy dose of components like minerals, vitamins, good fats and antioxidants that is required for the functioning of a healthy heart. The magnesium present in 24 mantra's organic cashews also makes it excellent for lowering high blood pressure and relaxes nerves and muscles. It works to promote bone health and helps fight infection. Since every cashew in this pack is organically grown, it is free from any preservatives and packed in to give you and your family a healthy snack.

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