24 mantra organic mango jam 375gms

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24 mantra organic mango jam 375gms

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24 Mantra Organic Mango Jam 375gms. Pure mango pieces that has semi-jellied texture. It's nutritious and easy to spread.

24 Mantra Organic Mango Jam 375gms. 24 mantra organic brings a sweet yummy entrant into its organic section with mango jam. It is a fruit preserve of organically grown mangoes. This jam contains a fine mango puree. It has a soft even consistency with bright colour and semi-jellied texture. It can be consumed with toast, with milkshakes and on ice creams. Mango jam by 24 mantra organic is delicious and also highly nutritious. The jam is made using organic, juiciest and pulpy mangoes. Mango is regarded as the king of fruits. The mango jam is produced in a way that it maintains the goodness of a mango. It is as amazing as having a mango itself. The nutrients of a mango are retained in the jam. It can be spread easily over toasts because of its consistency. And yes, 24 mantra organic's mango jam is totally organic. All products of 24 mantra organic are certified as per Indian, US and european organic standards.

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