24 mantra organic masoor dal 500gm

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24 mantra organic masoor dal 500gm

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24 Mantra Organic Masoor Dal 500g. Used in dal fry. Healthy and nutritious legume. It is used for making soups. High in protein content and organically cultivated.

24 Mantra Organic Masoor Dal 500g. 24 mantra organic brings to you the purest and tasty form of masoor dal or lentil cultivated using organic processes. Dal as such is very famous in indian food items. Masoor dal is a regular ingredient used in routine cooking. Without dal, indian dinner or lunch is never complete. 24 mantra organics masoor dal makes excellent dal fry, a punjabi recipe. Masoor dal is also used for making tasty soups and the famous parsi recipe dal gosht or dhanshak. Boiled masoor dal is used for making tasty parathas and halwa. High in protein content, this dal is easy to cook and light on the stomach too. It contains iron, magnesium and other vital nutrients in high quantities. The best part is that 24 mantra organic's masoor dal is organically produced, pure and unadulterated. All products of 24 mantra organic are certified as per indian, us and european organic standards.

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