24 mantra organic strawberry jam 375gms

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24 mantra organic strawberry jam 375gms

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24 Mantra Organic Strawberry Jam 375g. No harmful chemicals. Rich in vitamin C and low in fat. 100 percent organic.

24 Mantra Organic Strawberry Jam 375g

Aromatic and delicate, this organic strawberry jam from 24 mantra is an excellent way to begin your day accompanied by a hot toast and tea. It also compliments a sponge cake and all mouth-watering puddings. It is free from harmful preservatives due to its organic and natural ingredients. Every mouthful will surely remind you of the fresh farm picked strawberries due to it all-natural composition. So bid goodbye to tantrums during meals as this organic strawberry jam enhances the taste of anything it is accompanied with. Rich in nutritional value and devoid of any harmful chemicals, the organic product is sure to win your child over. With its velvety and inviting texture and delicious taste, it can give any other processed jam a run for their money.

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