24 mantra organic white sesame 200gms

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24 mantra organic white sesame 200gms

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24 Mantra Organic White Sesame 200g. High vitamin E content and can be use as garnishing agent. Good for joints and skin. Ideal for making til-gul and has high nutritional value.

24 Mantra Organic White Sesame 200g.

White sesame from 24 mantra is of good quality and adds an irresistible nutty taste to food. It also has an almost invisible crunch and therefore, is an essential ingredient in most asian dishes. Tahini (sesame seed paste) is used in many sweet dishes and the mouth-watering middle eastern sweet, halva. During the winter season, sesame oil, also called til oil, is extracted from the seeds at home and used for massaging the skin. 24 mantra's white sesame seeds are carefully picked and cleaned. They are used in seasoning tikkis, laddoos and to prepare til chutney. Popularly known as the super seed, white sesame is exceptionally high in calcium and magnesium content. From diabetes to multiple sclerosis, this powerful seed helps in the prevention of many diseases. White sesame seeds by 24 mantra are organically produced and hence good for health.

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