3m Scotchbrite High Performance Toilet Scrubber

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3m Scotchbrite High Performance Toilet Scrubber

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3m Scotch-Brite™ High Performance Toilet Scrubber is specially designed with the bathroom in mind. The non-scratch scrubbers are designed to fit under the rim, perfect for that all-in-one clean. It even removes rust and hard-water stains. It allows you to keep your hands clean while cleaning your toilet bowl effectively. No sponges or gloves needed. Refills available.

3m Scotch-Brite High Performance Toilet Scrubber is new improved design with unique scrubber head design. Clean all hidden corners. No Touch Toss- just slide easy release button right and forward to release scrubber. Long Handle- reach further into the toilet bowl. Unique No-scratch- scrubber effectively cleans all hidden corners without scratching. No Drip No Mess- simple shae brush after use to get ride excess water. Refills available.
Effective: Scrubbers designed to fit under rim perfectly, effectively cleaning all hidden corners.
Durable: Use more than 40X per scrubber head!
Hygienic and hassle-free with no touch toss - Press a button to drop the disposable head in the trash.
Non - Scratch scrubber.
Removes rust and hard - water stains.
Changeable refills for economical cleaning!
No contact with chemicals and toilet bowl at all!
Refill pack contains 2 scrubbing heads.
Country of Origin: United States

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