Abbott Pediasure Complete 850g

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Abbott Pediasure Complete 850g

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Abbott Pediasure Complete 850g - PediaSure Complete gives your child all the nutrients they need so you can watch them grow up healthy and strong.

Abbott Pediasure Complete 850g
PediaSure is specifically designed to provide complete nutrition for children between 1-10 years to help achieve their full growth and development potential. It can be used as a nutritional supplement with or between meals or as a side source of nutrition for oral or tube feeding. PediaSure is shown to improve nutritional status of picky eaters ,support growth and development of picky eaters and promote catch-up growth in children whose patterns of growth are below those of their age group .It has New Triple Protein complex blended into an Advanced Carbohydrate base designed to help meet your child's growth and developmental needs.

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