Baraka Memo+ Capsules 60 350mg

 Buy Baraka Memo+ Capsules  60 350mg online singapore

Baraka Memo+ Capsules 60 350mg

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Baraka memo plus is a hard gelatin capsule which is manufactured out of Lunuwila (Bacopa monneira) powder and Black seed powder, herbs which have been administered in Ayurveda for cognitive enhancement and support disorders of the intellect.
helps to improve memory and learning. Black seed is a neuroprotective agent that help to improve memory, mood and feeling of good health.Helps to improve cognitive function.Helps to improve memory. Early information processing, verbal learning, memory consolidation of human can be improved. Potential safe cognitive enhancer at aging.Black seed powder (Nigella sativa) Lunuwila powder (Bacopa monniera)

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