Game On: Board Game Cafes in Singapore You Have to Try


In the heart of Lion City, there’s a gaming revolution taking place. At night, the city’s many board game cafés come alive with the sounds of strategy discussions, the clink of dice, and the roar of victorious players. These centres have revolutionised Singapore’s nightlife by providing a never-before-seen fusion of fun and people-watching. Are you pumped to play? This article provides a comprehensive overview of the greatest board game cafés in Singapore.

The Mind Café

The Mind Café is a haven for board game enthusiasts. Board game enthusiasts may use the space for as little as $5 per hour per person. The extensive board game collection is a point of pride for the eatery; it contains both classics like Catan and Ticket to Ride and modern hits like Scrabble and Monopoly. It is easy to see why this location is ideal for a weekend of gaming if you include the top-notch eateries.

Settler's Café

The first of its type in Singapore, Settler’s Café, debuted in 2003. It features one of the largest collections of board games in the country, making it a must-see for both casual gamers and ardent enthusiasts. The ideal place to take the family or gather with friends for a fun game is Settler’s Café.

A World of Fun

Discover the greatest board game offerings Singapore has to offer. This café offers a large range of games, and the welcoming environment also makes it an excellent spot to have a party. Play your preferred board game while indulging in their mouthwatering meals. You’ve never played anything like it before.

Experience Point

Located on Lavender Street, Experience Point is a hidden treasure. Pay-as-you-play, where you pay a fixed cost of $4 per hour, is a unique idea at this board game café. It’s the ideal spot for both new and experienced players to play games, with over 500 titles available and a helpful staff on hand to help.

Play Nation

With branches across the city, Play Nation is a popular choice among Singapore’s gaming community. The café offers a vast collection of games and a comfortable space to play them. They are also known for their tasty food and drink options, making it a great spot to spend an entire day or night.


Located on Orchard Road, Games@Pi caters to more serious board game enthusiasts. The café stocks a wide range of games for purchase but also has several tables for customers to play on. With knowledgeable staff on hand to explain game rules, it’s a haven for both newbies and experienced players.

Battle Bunker

For all of your gaming requirements, turn to Battle Bunker. This café, which is situated in Bugis+, sells miniatures, card games, role-playing games, as well as a wide variety of board games. Battle Bunker contains everything you need to play games online or purchase new ones to play with friends.

Meeples: European Boardgame Café

Meeples is Singapore’s first European board game café. Located in Lavender, the café boasts a huge collection of European-style board games that focus on strategy and player interaction rather than luck. It’s a unique spot for those looking to try something different.

The Analogue Vault

In addition to being a board gaming café, The Analogue Vault is also a record shop. This distinctive location is found in the Esplanade Mall and provides visitors with a wide selection of activities and music to enjoy. For those looking for a unique gaming environment, it’s the ideal location.

Team Board Game

The camaraderie at Team Board Game goes well beyond the café’s walls. Due to its regular gaming sessions and contests, the café in Geylang is a great spot to meet other gamers. Thanks to its wide range and kind personnel, it’s a perfect location to begin learning about Singapore’s vibrant board game culture.

Dicey Business

Dicey Business is a well-known hangout for fans of board games, and it is situated on Orchard Road. It’s the perfect location to relax with friends or family, thanks to its inviting ambiance and wide selection of games. Additionally, they provide gaming sessions where game masters will walk you through the rules and tactics of numerous games.


Coffeemin takes the café experience to a whole new level. This unique café offers unlimited board games, video games, a pool, and even a mini-library for a flat hourly rate. Located at Clarke Quay Central, it’s a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

King and the Pawn

King and the Pawn is a chic board game café located in Bras Basah. With over 300 board games and a menu that serves up delicious comfort food and cocktails, it’s a great spot for a relaxed evening out. The café also hosts regular events and themed nights, keeping things exciting for regular visitors.

The Fragment Room

While not a traditional board game café, The Fragment Room offers a unique gaming experience. It’s Singapore’s first rage room, where you can vent your frustrations by smashing items with a baseball bat. After letting off steam, you can unwind with their selection of board games. Located on Balestier Road, it’s a unique place for those seeking a different kind of gaming adventure.

All Aboard Community Gaming Centre

All Aboard Community Gaming Centre at Dhoby Ghaut is another excellent choice for board game enthusiasts. The café does more than just sell board games; it also holds tournaments and other gaming events often. It’s a terrific spot to hang out and meet other gamers, thanks to the helpful staff and relaxed atmosphere.

Board game cafes in Singapore offer more than just games. They provide a distinctive social environment where individuals may interact, compete, and make memories. These places provide an interesting and diversified sort of alternative entertainment, which is a tribute to the city’s thriving and eclectic nightlife culture.

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