Boondi Masala 200g

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Boondi Masala 200g

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Haldiram's Boondi Masala. It is made with the gram flour batter. Haldiram's Boondi Masala is highly preferred with tea. salty fried gram flour balls. Spicy fried chikpeas flour puffs. Snack that is a favourite of many people of India. Product of India.

Haldiram's Boondi Masala. It is made with gram flour batter, spices, salt and water. These selected spices give it a special aroma and flavour. They are salty, spicy and crunchy. This has many healthy benefits as it is made with spices and gram flour. These are called masala boondi in hindi which means spicy droplets. They light up the taste buds.
Haldiram's Boondi Masala lowers the risk of heart problems.
Haldiram's Boondi Masala is good for balancing blood glucose. It helps in lowering weight gain.
Haldiram's Boondi Masala helps in fighting against allergies.
Haldiram's Boondi Masala is good for anaemia. It lowers risk of genetic disorders like autism.
Haldiram's Boondi Masala improves the skin health.
Haldiram's Boondi Masala prevents breast cancer.
Haldiram's Boondi Masala is high in protein.
Haldiram's Boondi Masala has low carbohydrate and calorie.

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