Brinjal Malaysia 500g

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Brinjal Malaysia 500g

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Product of Malaysia, Brinjal is smooth-tasting and sweeter than your regular brinjals. It's suitable and goes well with all kind of cooking menus and dishes.

Brinjal Malaysia 250g
Brinjal or eggplant is a gorgeous, purple-coloured vegetable with a smooth and shiny surface. Eggplant or Brinjal, is a very low calorie vegetable and has healthy nutrition profile.Long Brinjal is use to make many delicious dishes such as curry, brinjal rice, brinjal masala, brinjal tawa fry, etc. These brinjals have a mild taste and distinct flavor. You can slice them and make scrumptious snacks using them that can be savored with your mealRich in calcium, iron, magnesium and several other important nutrients that aid proper functioning of your body.

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