C S Tay Japanese Crispy Chicken Original 450g

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C S Tay Japanese Crispy Chicken Original 450g

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C S Tay Japanese Crispy Chicken Original. From an original recipe made with real chicken. At TAY's, we take painstaking efforts to select only high quality products which enables you to enjoy excellent meals at home with minimal preparation.

What's worth doing if we don't have the original right? TAY's is proud to present our own Japanese Crispy Chicken Original. Like all original things, this is the most basic and neutral taste thus making this an all time favourite. Original flavour, original taste , extra ordinary experience. For best effect, do not defrost before cooking, cook from frozen.
Cooking Instructions:
Air Fry - Preheat air fryer to 180 degrees. Place and spread chicken in pan and cook for approximately 10 mins.
Oven - Spread chicken on a flat tray and bake in pre-heated oven at 180 degrees fro approximately 10-15 mins.
Deep Fry - Fry in pre-heated deep fryer at 170 degrees for approximately 5 mins until golden brown.
Chicken, Natural Seasoning and Spices.

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