Capsicum - Yellow 500g

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Capsicum - Yellow 500g

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Yellow Capsicum or yellow bell pepper as it is known worldwide, is smooth-skinned, glossy and very yummy. These lovely yellow peppers are similar to their green counterparts but are simply left on the plant a bit longer, which is also how they get their yellow color.

Capsicum - Yellow 250g
Yellow Capsicum come with their usual peppery flavor with an addition of sweet note to it which makes it highly versatile. You can store this exotic vegetable for a day or two and can use them in a variety of recipes like stuffed pepper, capsicum masala and many more of your choice. Like all capsicums, yellow capsicums are a good source of vitamins A and C and provide dietary fibre. They lack the bitterness found with green peppers. Although they contain same type of nutrients as that in red and green bell pepper, their quantities are different. Vitamin C is nearly double in yellow/orange bell pepper compared to green. However, the quantity of beta-carotene and vitamin A in the green bell pepper is three times the yellow or red pepper.

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