Cauliflower (Malaysia) 600g

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Cauliflower (Malaysia) 600g

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Cauliflower is often considered one of the healthiest foods on Earth. With its rich supply of health-promoting phytochemicals, high level of anti-inflammatory compounds, and ability to ward off cancer, heart disease, brain disease and even weight gain, it seems there isn’t much cauliflower is unable to do.

Cauliflower - Malaysia 250g
Cauliflower in particular is believed to be so beneficial due to its special combination of phytochemicals called carotenoids, tocopherols and ascorbic acid — all forms of antioxidants currently being extensively researched in order to understand more about how they keep the body healthy.
Uncooked cauliflower lasts in your refrigerator longer than cooked cauliflower (about one week), so store it uncooked in a dry container or plastic bag if possible, along with a paper towel to absorb moisture and keep it from molding.

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