Cif Cleanser Lemon (10) 500ml

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Cif Cleanser Lemon (10) 500ml

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Cif Cleanser Lemon with it's powerful formulation in lemon scent and millions particles penetrates and lift-up all the dirt, the concentrated creamy texture works really well on tough grease, burnt-on food and even grime between tiles and soap scum, leaving your surfaces clean and sparkle like new again. Specifically designed to tackle tough cleaning jobs in kitchen and bathroom, Cif cream removes stubborn dirt around your home with minimum effort.

Cif Cleanser Lemon tackles the tough cleaning jobs in the kitchen, bathroom, and around the house. It's powerful and concentrated creamy formula with unique microparticles cuts through even tough grease, burt-on food, grime between tiles and soapscum, leaving your surfaces thoroughly clean and shiny like new again.
Country of Origin: China

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