Deepakal Plain

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Deepakal Plain

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Exquisite gold plated Aarthi lamp
Gold designed plate for the purpose of Aarthi and worship of deities.A part of the Deepam category, the term, "Aarti", is said to have come from the Rigveda, probably among the earliest Hindu scripture. The Sanskrit term, "Aarati" comes from the roots, "aa", which means, 'towards' and "rati", which means, 'the highest love for God'. This term has many meanings assigned to it. Some aver that this goes to mean the time just before darkness sets in after sunset. Others believe that the word, "Aradhana", which is synonymous with Aarti goes to mean "the greatest love for God", which gives true and lasting happiness and joy. The element of fire or light is related to sight or vision. According to Hinduism, fire cleans and purifies all. The aarati is performed to achieve just that. A small piece of camphor, clay or metal lamp with oil or ghee-soaked cotton wicks is placed on a metal plate, along with incense and flowers. After the camphor or lamp is lighted, the plate is rotated clockwise in front of the vigraha. This signifies invoking the divine. Bells are rung along with the aarati and prayers or hymns are chanted side-by-side. When the aarati is performed, it is believed that even the plate and light get blessed by the divine. That is why the plate is shown around to all, so that all present can put their hands over the flame and touch it to their eyes.

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