Flute Masala Sandal Incense Sticks

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Flute Masala Sandal Incense Sticks

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Be inspired by the Sandalwood’s woody yet crisp and refreshing fragrance via these Flute Masala Sandal Incense Sticks.

Sandalwood or Chandanam has a distinctive, warm, deep, earthy and exotic aroma to complement natural healing techniques. It balances Pitta and Vatta dosha. The Sandalwood extract is obtained by vigorously grinding a piece of pure sandalwood on a hard flat surface in a circular motion. The result is an authentic aroma, to achieve an authentic fragrance. These flute incense are 'Masala incense' referring to the traditional incense making technique of Vedic India.

A 'masala' or mixture of 100% natural aromatic botanicals (no charcoal) are rolled into natural bamboo sticks as compared to 'dip incense' in which sticks of charcoal are dipped into synthetic fragrance or essential oils.

The fragrance of these Masala Sandal Fluteincense sticks is absolutely wonderful and really well defined, justopening the packet releases a lovely aroma.

Each pack is individually designedand fully wrapped and sealed inside the packets for quality and freshness.


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