We Don't Just Guarantee 100% Freshness. But Also Your
Satisfaction with every item.
Confidence is our default mode.
Why? Read on…
Our Products Are As Fresh As They Can Get
More than anything, it is the freshness of the product that matters to us. So to ensure you keep us on your speed dial, we fetch the freshest of the things from our local vendors, put them in huge as Hulk ice containers (well, depending upon the size of the item though) and deliver them to you straight from our list of approved suppliers, which is nothing short of a farm picking experience for you!
Our Quality Checkers Are Difficult To Please
Because we are extra cautious about the quality of our products, our quality checkers meticulously check every minuscule detail. Although it’s hardly ever the case, if they come across any item that does not fit the high standards that we pride ourselves on, it takes them a nano-second to reject it. And trust us, it doesn’t get any better than that!
We Don't Have A Warehouse
Yes, you read that right. We don’t really have a warehouse to store our items. We like to have our customers spell-bound, you see. But where exactly do we keep them then? We simply cut to the chase (or the middlemen) and come straight to your doorsteps from our wholesale suppliers’. Pretty cool, eh? Yeah and we like it that ways!
So how do we ensure the freshness of
our products? We follow natural protocols.
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