**Ganapathy Homam Pooja Package Items

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**Ganapathy Homam Pooja Package Items

Ganapathy Homam
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It is believed by devotees of Lord Ganesh that Offering Homa-Pooja to this Elephant headed God in Hinduism may bring -

  1. Success, Abundance, Peace & Prosperity.
  2. It helps to remove all problems and obstacles from your life.
  3. This holy puja protects your family and yourself from all evils.
  4. This puja blesses your family and yourself never to face the situation without money.
  5. It blesses your family and yourself to be successful in all endeavors.
  6. Peace and harmony in your family.

Holy Homam to lord Ganesh is performed for getting Success, happiness, prosperity in life. He is the God who removes any obstacles in any of your plan, work, Business, action and derive victory. Ganesha Pooja or Homa curbs all the impediments that come on the way of success. Lord Ganesha represents the power of the Supreme Being that removes obstacles and ensures success in human endeavors. This Holy Homa brings Good luck and prosperity for you. Lord Ganapathy is considered to be the the God of good Luck and as he blesses his devotees, brings with smooth success in all their endeavors. It is performed to achieve the desired or planned objective.

It is said that before beginning any new venture or anything which is afresh, Ganesh Homa should be done so that no obstacles come on the way. This Puja or Homa energizes people's potential to achieve victory. If someone suffers from losses, takes long time i.e. delays to start a new business, if you want to invest in a new venture for getting good return or career; Ganesha Homa is the apt solution to choose. Ganapati aradhana is also done for birthdays and also when getting married.

Items provided:

No Items Quantity No Items Quantity
1 Tumeric Powder 1 packet 28 Aval 1 packet
2 Kungumum 1 packet 29 Nel Pori 1 packet
3 Sandalwood Powder 1 packet 30 Navathaniyam 1 packet
4 Viboothi 1 packet 31 Thalai banana leaf 9
5 Wick 1 packet 32 Garland 6
6 Rosewater 1 bottle 33 Jasmine Flower Ball 1
7 Ball of thread 1 34 Coconut 7
8 Homa stick 1 bundle 35 Banana 15 pieces
9 Cardamon 1 packet 36 Betel Leaf 1 kavuli
10 Rock sugar (Karkandu) 1 packet 37 Paakku 1 packet
11 Jathikaai 1 packet 38 Lime 1
12 Jathipatri 1 packet 39 Veshti & Thoondu (9x5ft) for priest 1
13 Vaal pepper 1 packet 40 Loose Flower 1 packet
14 White pepper 1 packet 41 Kumba pattu 1
15 Sandalwood block 1 packet 42 Mango Leaf
16 Karungkaali 1 packet 43 Komiyam
17 Rose buds 1 packet 44 Yogurt 100grams
18 Verali manjal 1 packet 45 Homakundam 1
19 Velaamichi root 1 packet 46 Sand 3kg
20 Vetri root 1 packet 47 Sembu 1
21 Raw kirambu 1 packet 48 Silver plates (thambulam) 5
22 Kirambu 1 packet 49 Small silver plates 2
23 Kadukaai 1 packet 50 Silver Tumbler 3
24 Dates 1 packet 51 Kudam 2
25 Honey 1 bottle 52 Fruits
26 Palm sugar - Vellam 1 packet 53 Nel 1 packet
27 Sukku 1 packet

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