Gits Gota Mix 500g

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Gits Gota Mix 500g

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Gits Gota Mix is 100% vegetarian,Deliciously spicy and crispy fried snack, with a touch of sweetness from the Western Indian state of Gujarat
Gits Gota Mix 500g Makes 50 gotas of approx, 16g each, Deliciously spicy and crispy fried snack with a touch of sweetness from the western indian state of Gujrat. How to prepare: 1. Mix the content of the pack with 450ml of water and stir to a smooth batter aside for 10mins, 2. Gently stir the mixture before use, heat oil 500ml place tbsp of batter individually and fry on medium flame till crispy and light brown drain excess oil. 3. Serve methi gotas with curd or tamarind chutney, Ingredients: lentils flour, Sugar, salt, spices, chick pea flour, fenugreek leaves, chilli powder, raisins agents, asafoetida,

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