Gits Sandwich Dhokla Mix 200g

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Gits Sandwich Dhokla Mix 200g

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Ready in 3 easy steps.100% Vegetarian, Freeze dried Mint & Coriander Chutney Included
Gits Sandwich Dhokla Mix is a delicious and imaginative creation of Gujarat. Two popular snacks, "Khatta Khokla" & "Khaman Dhokla" joined by a layer of tasty green chutney to give an altogether new and delicious treat! Contains Khatta Dhoklas Mix, Khaman Dhokla Mix and Green Chutney Mix!! Follow the easy receipe on the back of the box for a mouth-watering treat in no time! NO artificial colors or flavors, NO preservatives, and 100% vegetarian!! Freeze dried mint & coriander chutney inside!!!

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