Gold Lipped Paraat

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Gold Lipped Paraat

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Find beauty beyond expression. Explore a collection that fuels your creativity while inspiring the artist within and gives your home a personality.

Beautifully ornate, the Gold Lipped Paraat from the Blossom collection is a fantastic blend of stainless steel and brass, artfully finished in gloss with a high matte shine to give it a distinctive personality that reflects the famed cherry blossoms of Japan. Material : Stainless Steel & Brass Product Care Note: - Wipe clean with a soft moist cloth or a sponge dampened in liquid soap and rinse. - Do not scrub the matte finish and do not use any abrasive detergent, especially on the coloured areas. - Do not soak in water for long. Wash and wipe at once. Let it dry completely before storing. - The utensils are only for serving purposes. They are not suitable for heating on flame.

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