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Housewarming Pooja Package Items

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Griha Pravesh or House Warming ceremony

Griha Pravesh is a ritual followed by all Hindus. On this day the owners and family members enter the new house at an auspicious time. The ritual is done to drive away any ill effects of planets or any evil force. There are some important pujas or Homas conducted on that day.

Types of House warming rituals

Apoorva - The house is constructed on a newly selected land.

Sapoorva - Entering into the house after a stay abroad or elsewhere or entering into a resold house.

Dwandwah - The house is repaired or renovated due to the damage caused by natural or unnatural calamities.

First Our astroved astrologers and priest services plays a vital role in fixing an auspicious time and day as per the horoscope of the house owner.

Importance of day, month and time for house warming

Position of Sun plays an important role. It is most auspicious time then any of the days to do Griha Pravesh as the Sun moves north or Uthirayana i.e. to Capricorn wherein the rays of the Sun falls eastern and in Northern direction. Our priest comes to your door step to perform this function as per religious code.

**Items highlighted in red are only available in the full package.

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1Tumeric Powder1 packet31Sembu1
2Kumkum1 packet32Raw rice1/2kg
3Sandalwood Powder1 bottle33Tumbler3
4Soodam1 bottle34Sooda plate1
5Agarbathi1 box35Steel plates (thambulam)5
6Sambrani1 packet36Panner sembu1
7White thread1 ball37Sandana pela1
8Nel Pori1 packet38Kuttu Vilakku2
9Rosewater1 bottle39Hom stick1
10Navathaniyam1 packet40Homakundam1
11Nel1 packet41Sand1 pail
12Raw Karpooram1 bottle42Apple6
14Milk3 packets44Lime10
15Wick (theeri)1 packet45Dates1 packet
16Matchbox1 packet46Pumpkin1
17Lamp Oil1 bottle47Thalai Banana Leaf5
18Rock sugar (Karkandu)1 packet48Yogurt100grams
19Coconut1 packet49Loose Flower1 packet
20Betel leaf1 kavuli50Flower ball1
21Pakku1 packet51Garlands for couple2
22Kumba pattu1 packet52Vesthi-thoodu for priest1
23Saffron1 packet53God Pictures- Vinayagar, Lakshmi & Saraswathi3
24Banana3 combs54Garlands for the God pictures1
25Cardamon1 packet55Thoobakaal1
26Mango Leaf1 kothu56$1 coins
(customer to provide)
27Vipoothi1 packet57CharcoalA few pieces
28Sunaambu1 bottle58Aruvaal (paraang)1
29New pot to boil milk159Knife- small1

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