i Light Singapore 2024: Spectacle of Light and Sustainability


Photo Source: i Light Singapore

i Light Singapore is back with its 2024 edition, promising an extraordinary showcase of light installations, vibrant music, and an array of festivities that accentuate the cityscape from May 31 to June 23.

Known for transforming Marina Bay and its neighbouring areas into a magical space after dark, this year also marks the festival’s expansion into Tanjong Pagar, adding a fresh locale to its repertoire of illuminated art.

Overview of the Festival

The festival, organised by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), is celebrated for turning the city into a dazzling art gallery under the stars. This free event attracts not only art aficionados but also families and tourists, who come to marvel at the innovative light art installations created by both local and international artists.

Key Dates and Locations

Running from 7.30 pm to 11 pm on weekdays and extending to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, the festival covers multiple key areas including Marina Bay, South Beach, Millenia Walk, and for the first time, Tanjong Pagar.

Exploring the Theme: Cyclical Nature

This year’s theme, “Cyclical Nature,” inspired by the colour green, dives into the concepts of sustainability and environmental consciousness. It aims to provoke thoughts on how cyclical processes in nature can inspire sustainable practices in urban settings.

Significance of the Theme

The theme challenges artists and attendees alike to reflect on the environmental impact of urbanisation and to consider how art can play a role in promoting sustainable living. It’s a theme that resonates deeply in today’s context, where sustainability has become increasingly crucial.

Integration of Green Elements in Artworks

Each installation this year incorporates elements of green technology or sustainable materials, emphasising the importance of recycling and upcycling in contemporary art practices.

Highlighted Installations and Artists

Each piece this year not only illuminates the night but also enlightens the minds of its viewers about the environment and sustainability.

Studio Vertigo’s “Spin Me a Yarn”

Studio Vertigo’s “Spin Me a Yarn” | Photo Source: i Light Singapore

One of the standout installations is “Spin Me a Yarn” by UK-based Studio Vertigo, located at Marina Bay Sands. Enormous yarn balls loop around the environment, symbolising the textile industry’s heavy environmental footprint and prompting a discussion on sustainable fashion practices.

“Kinetic Perspective” by Juan Fuentes Studio

Kinetic Perspective | Photo Source: i Light Singapore

From Spain, Juan Fuentes Studio presents “Kinetic Perspective,” a captivating geometric piece crafted from upcycled iron remnants. This dynamic sculpture uses motion to create mesmerising optical illusions, reminding us of the infinite possibilities of reusing materials.

“Liminal; Minimal” – A Local Creation

Liminal; Minimal | Photo Source: i Light Singapore

Closer to home, the installation “Liminal: Minimal” by Benjamin Lim and Yeo Soon Yii from the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) showcases the creative potential of construction waste. Built from repurposed site materials, it not only reduces waste but also serves as an innovative architectural piece.

“The Lantern” – Upcycled Beauty

The Lantern | Photo Source: i Light Singapore

“The Lantern” by Josephine Pun Tsz Kiu from the National University of Singapore is a luminous pavilion made from over 5,000 upcycled plastic bottles. It stands as a stark reminder of the impact of plastic waste, providing a tangible example of artistic upcycling.

Interactive and Dynamic Activities

This year’s festival is not just about passive observation; it includes several interactive installations that invite visitors to engage physically and creatively with the artworks.

“Kickit Team Tennis” – A Game of Lights

Kickit Team Tennis | Photo Source: i Light Singapore

In Tanjong Pagar, the “Kickit Team Tennis” installation by the Limelight artist collective from Hungary transforms a simple game of kicking balls into an interactive light spectacle. Teams compete by sending balls across a light-up field, blending sport with art.

The Interactive “Lumi” Installation at South Beach

Lumi | Photo Source: i Light Singapore

At South Beach, the “Lumi” installation invites attendees to interact with illuminated yoga balls wrapped in upcycled net fabric. This playful setup encourages movement and interaction, enhancing the communal experience of the festival.

Relaxing at Fountain Plaza

For those looking for a more relaxed experience, the Fountain Plaza offers a space to unwind. Visitors can interact with or simply enjoy the visual spectacle of illuminated yoga balls, creating a serene environment amidst the bustling festival.

Sustainability in Focus

Sustainability isn’t just a theme of the artworks but is woven into the fabric of the festival’s operations and activities.

Partnership with The Conscious Festival

For the first time, i Light Singapore is partnering with The Conscious Festival. This collaboration brings a series of wellness workshops, transformative talks, and a boot camp for conscious leadership, all designed to foster a sustainable lifestyle among participants.

Sustainable Dining at GastroBeats

GastroBeats | Photo Source: i Light Singapore

At GastroBeats, festival-goers can indulge in sustainably produced food from vendors like The Curry Club and 8 Degrees Taiwanese Bistro, who focus on organic and locally sourced ingredients. This year, the emphasis is on reducing plastic usage, with no straws provided and visitors encouraged to bring their reusable containers.

Plan Your Visit

Planning is essential to fully enjoy what i Light Singapore 2024 has to offer.

Tips for Attendees

Visitors are encouraged to plan their visits to accommodate weather conditions and crowd sizes. Bringing reusable water bottles and eco-friendly bags can enhance the sustainable experience of the festival.

How to Get There

Public transport is recommended due to the central locations of the installations. Detailed directions and maps are available on the festival’s official website, ensuring easy access for all attendees.

Supporting Local Talent and Sustainability

The festival not only showcases international talent but also shines a spotlight on Singapore’s artists, emphasizing the local arts scene’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Featured Local Artists

Local talents like Benjamin Lim and Yeo Soon Yii are front and centre, using the platform to highlight issues such as construction waste and upcycling, thereby fostering a deeper appreciation for local art and sustainability efforts.

Encouraging Eco-Friendly Practices

The festival encourages all participants to adopt eco-friendly practices not just during the event but in their daily lives, aiming to leave a lasting impact on the community’s environmental consciousness.

What’s New in This Year’s Edition

Each year, i Light Singapore strives to bring new experiences to its audience, and 2024 is no exception with more interactive installations and expanded festival grounds.

New Venues and Expanded Activities

The addition of Tanjong Pagar as a new venue allows the festival to reach more people and incorporate diverse installations that engage different communities across the city.

Innovations in Art and Sustainability

This year’s focus on upcycled materials and interactive elements showcases ongoing innovations in both art and sustainability, setting new standards for future editions.

Wrapping Up

i Light Singapore 2024 is more than just an art festival; it’s a movement towards a more sustainable and environmentally aware society. With its blend of artistic brilliance and eco-consciousness, it promises an enlightening experience for all who attend.

So, mark your calendars, invite your friends and family, and prepare to be dazzled by a festival that lights up not just the night, but also the minds of its visitors.

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