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On a hot summer day, all you need is a tall glass of chilled jal jeera. Jal jeera or jaljira is a refreshing, traditional Indian summer drink with health benefits. Jaljira not only quenches your thirst but also increases your appetite and aids in digestion. Jal jeera literally translates to ‘cumin water’ but there is more to this drink than just roasted cumin seeds. According to Ayurveda, ingredients like cumin and tamarind aid in digestion and cumin seeds are known to balance all the three doshas: vata, pita, kapha. This refreshing ayurvedic energy drink has herbs and spices that go into its making that have a cooling effect on the body and revive one’s appetite. Jaljeera or Cumin water effectively quenches thirst along with increasing appetite. Jaljeera is a cooling drink, which helps to combat sunstroke, indigestion and dehydration.

The unique flavor of this summer drink is the jaljeera powder where spices like roasted cumin, black peppercorns, cloves, black cardamom and black salt are ground to a fine powder and added to a paste of fresh mint and coriander leaves. Fresh mint and coriander leaves impart a refreshing fragrance and flavor. Traditionally, tamarind is used to make jaljira but one can use lemon juice too. Unsweetened boondi (made with chickpea flour) makes for a beautiful and tasty garnish.

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