Meera Coconut Hair Oil

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Meera Coconut Hair Oil

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Meera Coconut Hair Oil is made from the finest grade of coconuts. Exclusively designed to retain the goodness of coconut oil, it comes with 100% guarantee of purity and packaged to retain the true aroma

Meera Coconut Oil Comes with a 100% purity natural products are more beneficial and relevant even in today's modern times. The best of ingredients and latest technology are combined to achieve goodness and purity.

A whiff of Meera Pure Coconut Oil will reveal the quality. The aroma of the oil makes all the difference. This age old essence is hygienically prepared and well presented to consumers in a convenient to use format.The finest, large-size, premium dala copra is used in Meera Coconut Oil.

The triple filtration system using the latest technology ensures ,high levels of purity. The detailed packaging helps retain the goodness and aroma. It comes from your own trusted brand Meera, giving you a guarantee of purity. It is edible. Clinical studies suggest that upon regular usage of Meera Pure Coconut Oil for 3 months - Consumers felt a 30% increase in hair density as compared to untreated control. 100% of the test subjects in the clinical study perceived hair growth promoting effects.


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