Synaa Oud Flora Incense Sticks (12 Boxes)

 Buy Synaa Oud Flora Incense Sticks (12 Boxes) online singapore

Synaa Oud Flora Incense Sticks (12 Boxes)

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Enjoy the exqusite woody fragrance of the oud from the Synaa Oud Flora Incense Sticks!

Known as oud (or oudh), it comes from the wood of the Southeast Asian agar (aquilaria) tree. When the wood becomes infected with a particular type of mold, the tree reacts by producing a dark, scented resin, which is often called “liquid gold.” “Oud” is used to refer to both the resin-saturated wood (the agarwood) as well as the oil distilled from it. One reason oud is so expensive is its rarity; by some estimates, fewer than 2% of wild agar trees produce it. Experts claim that the very best oud comes from the oldest trees, which are even more scarce.

The fragrance of these Synaa Oud Flora incense sticks is absolutely wonderful and really well defined, justopening the packet releases a lovely aroma.

Each pack is individually designed, fully wrapped and sealed inside the packets for quality and freshness.


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