Thulasi Flora

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Thulasi Flora

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Create a light and soothing atmosphere in your home with the aroma of Thulasi Flora fragrance. A perfect scent for creating a welcoming atmosphere in your home!

The most popular fragrance family, Floral is a blend of mixed bouquets of jasmine, rose, white peony, gardenia, and tuberose. These fragrances are either pure and flowery, or subtly warmed with a touch of spice or fruit for a soft, powdery finish.

White Floral
Only pure white blossms such as jasmine, gardenia, freesia, lily, and tuberose.

Soft Floral
Classic floral notes such as white flowers and rose are mixed with more powdery notes such as iris, vanilla and perhaps a touch of citrus.

Immerse in the aroma bliss of the floral blend in Nandi Flora Incense Sticks! High quality incense sticks carefully packed and sealed into packets for freshness and long-lasting fragrance.

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