Top Super Colour 4kg

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Top Super Colour 4kg

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Top Super Colour Powder Detergent leaves your clothes clean and fresh. It removes tough stains with Advanced Bio-tech Enzymes, prevents color fading, and removes unpleasant odors. It is also suitable for in-door drying.

Outwit the Weather, be it rain or shine, your clothes smells great even when dried indoors as TOP rids odour-causing bacteria during washing cycle. Outpower Stains & Odours as the advanced Japanese formula easily removes tough stains and perspiration odours. Outfight 99.9% Mite Dust* and protect your family from common allergies caused by mite dust with TOP's Anti-Mite Dust Formula. TOP's revolutionary advanced Japanese formula effectively eliminates 99.9% mite dust, stains and odours from your laundry, leaving it fresh and clean even when dried indoors.

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