Tulasi Citronella Exotic Incense Sticks (6 x 20)

 Buy Tulasi Citronella Exotic Incense Sticks (6 x 20) online singapore

Tulasi Citronella Exotic Incense Sticks (6 x 20)

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A thin piece of wood enveloped with mesmerizing scent is no less than a blessing for the mankind. Try this tangy Citronella Incense to refresh your day!

Citronella produces a lemony fragrance that is somewhat softer than lemon and is used the world over as probably the most come insect repellent ingredient. Citronella is a grass that mainly grows in some Asian countries and some islands of the South Pacific. Its oil is well known for its medicinal values.

The fragrance of these high quality Tulasi incense sticks is absolutely wonderful and really well defined, just opening the packet releases a lovely aroma. Each pack is individually designed, fully wrapped and sealed inside the packets for quality and freshness.

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