Tulasi Purple Rose Short Floral Incense Sticks

 Buy Tulasi Purple Rose Short Floral Incense Sticks online singapore

Tulasi Purple Rose Short Floral Incense Sticks

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Tulasi Purple Rose Short Floral

Calm your nerves with the exquisite floral fragrance of the Tulasi Purple Short Floral Incense Sticks!


An astounding 5.000 species of roses known to man. Of these, the cabbage rose and damask rose are most fragrant and are therefore the main varieties used in the manufacture of essential oils and found in incense. When 60,000 roses are steam distilled, only one ounce of pure rose oil is produced. The oil emits a heady, sweet and floral aroma on its own or when burned through incense. It is usually pale yellow in color.

Across the span of time, roses have been revered and elevated in the realms of poetry, literature, and art. According to ancient Roman mythology, the goddess Venus was given a rose as she first sprung forth from the sparkling ocean waters. In Greek tradition, roses were said to have been imbued with a deep red color when Aphrodite pricked her finger on a rosebush. The use of Rose essential oil in incense borrows our feelings of romance and nostalgia associated with the Rose scent and imbues them into the power of the incense.

Immerse in the aroma bliss of the Tulasi Purple Rose Short Floral Rose Incense Sticks! High quality incense sticks carefully packed and sealed into packets for freshness and long-lasting fragrance.

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