Unveiling the Magic: Inside Out 2 Festival at Gardens by the Bay


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Gardens by the Bay in Singapore is renowned for transforming into a spectacle of thematic wonders, and this year is no exception with the return of its much-anticipated Children’s Festival. Themed around the eagerly awaited Disney and Pixar sequel, “Inside Out 2”, the festival invites visitors to explore the vibrant world of emotions through a unique outdoor carnival. Running from May 25 to June 22, 2024, this event promises to be an unforgettable experience for families and fans of all ages.

Discover the Inside Out 2 Festival

A Unique Collaboration

This year marks the 10th edition of the Gardens by the Bay’s Children’s Festival, which is making a grand return in collaboration with Disney and Pixar. The festival coincides with the release of “Inside Out 2”, creating an exclusive opportunity for fans to immerse themselves in the themes of the film through interactive installations and activities. It is the only Inside Out-themed festival in Southeast Asia, making it a unique draw for regional visitors.

Festival Dates and Details

The festival is set against the stunning backdrop of the Supertree Grove and runs daily from 10 am to 9 pm, with specific “Inside Out 2” installations closing at 7 pm. While most activities are free, selected experiences may have charges, offering something for every budget and interest.

Interactive Installations and Highlights

Kaleidoscope of Memories

Central to the festival is the “Kaleidoscope of Memories” installation, inspired by the movie’s long-term memory storage facility. Here, visitors can create their own memory orb by scanning a QR code, selecting a character that reflects their current mood, posing for a photo, and uploading it to the installation. These orbs then join others on a giant animated wall, creating a collective memory lane that lights up with personal and shared stories.

Mood Swings

Designed to lift spirits, the “Mood Swings” installation channels the film’s character Joy. This playful setup features swings that allow children and adults alike to soar through the air, experiencing a literal uplift of emotions.

Expression Doodles

At the “Expression Doodles” station, visitors can engage with their more introspective sides. Inspired by the characters Sadness and Embarrassment, this interactive art installation uses water brushes on special surfaces that reveal colourful doodles, providing a fun and creative outlet for emotional expression.

Emoticon Mirrors and More

Navigate the intricacies of fear and anxiety through the “Emoticon Mirrors” and buzz-wire games. These installations offer a challenging yet thrilling experience as visitors manoeuvre through mirrored mazes and complete buzz-wire circuits, all while confronting metaphorical representations of these complex emotions.

Activities for All Ages

Fort Pillowtown

For those seeking a quieter moment, “Fort Pillowtown” offers a sanctuary. Inspired by the character Ennui, this installation allows visitors to build and relax in pillow forts, providing a cosy corner for rest and imaginative play amidst the festival’s excitement.

Memory Orb Mountain

The “Memory Orb Mountain” is an engaging play area where children can interact with large inflatable balls representing different emotions. As night falls, these orbs glow, creating a mesmerising spectacle that symbolises the embrace and celebration of our emotional diversity.

Special Events and Performances

Garden Rhapsody: The Medley of Emotions

Each evening, the Supertrees come alive with the “Garden Rhapsody: The Medley of Emotions”, a special edition of the nightly light and sound show. This event syncs the dazzling lights of the Supertrees with music from the “Inside Out 2” soundtrack, enhancing the magical atmosphere of the festival.

Free Movie Screenings and More

During the first two weekends, the festival will host free outdoor screenings of popular Disney and Pixar films, including “Coco”, “Elemental”, and “Finding Dory”. These screenings offer families a chance to unwind under the stars after a day of fun-filled activities.

Festival Merchandise and Special Offers

Exclusive Merchandise

No festival experience is complete without souvenirs. A special retail pop-up offers exclusive “Inside Out 2” themed merchandise, ranging from apparel and bucket hats to drinkware and stationery, perfect for keeping the magic alive long after the visit.

Social Media Contests and Prizes

Visitors can also engage in a social media photo contest by posting creative snapshots of their festival adventures on Instagram with designated hashtags. Winners stand a chance to receive movie tickets to “Inside Out 2” and discounts on Pixar collectibles, adding an exciting competitive edge to the festival experience.

Practical Information for Visitors

Dates, Times, and Admission

The festival welcomes visitors from May 25 to June 22, 2024, with activities available from 10 am to 9 pm daily. While most activities are free, selected ones may require a fee, so planning ahead is advisable.

Tips for Families

Families are encouraged to arrive early to maximise their day, wear comfortable attire suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities, and be prepared for Singapore’s tropical weather with essentials like sunscreen and water bottles.

Educational and Community Engagement

Learning Through Play

The festival not only entertains but also educates. Each installation is designed to help children and adults alike understand and articulate their emotions better. Through interactive play, participants can learn about emotional intelligence in a setting that is both fun and instructive. The festival’s approach aligns with educational trends that emphasise experiential learning, offering a hands-on way to explore complex emotional concepts.

Community and Family Bonding

A central aim of the Inside Out 2 Festival is to strengthen community ties and enhance family interactions. The event provides numerous opportunities for families to engage in activities together, fostering communication and understanding between family members. Additionally, the festival serves as a community hub, encouraging connections among diverse groups and promoting a supportive and inclusive environment.


The Inside Out 2 Festival at Gardens by the Bay transcends the typical film celebration, evolving into a vivid journey through the spectrum of human emotions. Interactive play, enlightening installations, and the promotion of family bonding redefine the cinematic experience, turning it into a broader exploration of emotional literacy. The festival’s design cleverly integrates the thematic elements of “Inside Out 2”, allowing visitors of all ages to engage with their feelings in ways that are both playful and profound. As such, the event serves as an exceptional platform for personal growth and emotional discovery amidst the beauty of one of Singapore’s most iconic landscapes.


Furthermore, this festival is not only a treat for the senses but also a heartwarming opportunity for families and communities to come together. The shared experiences offered here—whether it’s laughing under the kaleidoscopic lights or reflecting in the serenity of Fort Pillowtown—create lasting memories and foster meaningful connections. It’s a space where joy meets introspection, where entertainment intersects with education, providing every visitor a chance to leave with a deeper understanding of themselves and their loved ones. In this way, the Inside Out 2 Festival truly encapsulates a celebration of life’s emotional journeys, making it an unforgettable event that resonates deeply within the hearts of all who attend.

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