Venetian Hair & Makeup Singapore

Skill at what we do, good customer service!

Venetian Hair & Makeup Singapore wants to set itself apart from most salons that offer only one type of service. We have realized, from talking with our friends and potential clients, that they desire all the services that we are proposing, but they remain frustrated because they must get their hair done at one place, face threading and waxing at one place and makeup done at another.

We provide a complete and superior professional hair services, hair treatment (Keratherapy Pure Renewal Plus Smoothing treatment, K-Gloss Anti-Frizz treatment, Hair Botox, Organic Hair Spa with Natural Ingredients, Hair Spa with Nano Mist, etc), eyebrows, face treading and waxing, all occasion hairdo and makeups, including bridal makeup (in-salon and on-location services available).

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