Vlcc gold premium facial kit

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Vlcc gold premium facial kit

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VLCC Gold Premium Facial Kit - Gold - this precious yellow metal has been well loved by women over centuries!

VLCC Gold Premium Facial Kit

For Radiant Youthful Skin

Facial skin is exposed daily to heat, dust, sun and other environmental factors, leaving your skin visibly worn out. The VLCC gold facial kit contains everything you need to get the glow back on your face. Its antiageing properties along with the pure gold content give a natural lustre and radiance to the skin. The nourishing facial kit revitalizes your skin and moisturizes it without making it oily. It also helps to maintain the pH balance and provides daily nourishment to rebuild the weakened areas of your skin.

Complete Beauty Regimen

The gold facial kit comes complete with a gold scrub, gold peel-off mask, gold gel and gold cream. Regular use of the scrub will help remove dust, dirt and other impurities, unclog skin pores and exfoliate dead skin cells. The gold peel-off mask is easy to apply and helps in softening, and whitening your skin tone. The gold gel is light on your skin and provides nourishment to make your skin firm. Plus, the scent of this moisturising facial kit is invigorating and refreshing. Go out into the world with your new found radiance after using the products from this revitalising facial kit.


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