Vlcc melia face wash

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Vlcc melia face wash

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VLCC Melia Face Wash - For refreshing touch to your mornings each day!

VLCC Melia Face Wash

For that refreshing touch to your mornings each day, use this face wash from VLCC. Suitable for both men and women, this face wash will cleanse your skin to the deepest level. You will no more compare your skin with others, as you will start loving it after the regular use of this organic face wash. Being organic in nature, this face wash from VLCC is safe for your skin, making it healthy. If you thought that face wash was only to clean the dirt and impurities from your skin, this VLCC Melia Face Wash will prove you wrong as it not only cleanses but also cures skin issues like acne and pimples. Best suited for oily and normal skin, this face wash purifies your skin without drying it. With natural ingredients.


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