Vlcc shape up hta shaping gel

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Vlcc shape up hta shaping gel

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VLCC Shape Up HTA Shaping Gel. Say Goodbye to cellulite. This gel reduces flab and firms the skin. Have a beautiful arms and legs just 14 days! Clinically tested ayurvedic formulation.

VLCC Shape Up HTA Shaping Gel

VLCC Shape Up HTA Shaping Gel New 100 ml With Free Organic Harvest Trial Pack 10 ml Say Goodbye to cellulite Reduces flab & Firms skin Beautiful arms and legs just 14 days Clinically Tested Ayurvedic formulation Hips, Thighs and Upper arms tend to suffer from ungainly flab, uneven skin texture and dimpled skin. This is cellulite, more commonly referred as 'Orange Peel Syndrome'. Prime reason for cellulite is adipose tissues. These tissues swell into fat, expanding into the dermis, causing overlaying skin to protrude. Since cellulite is no ordinary fat, it needs special attention and will not disappear with just routine exercise or dieting. SHAPE UP is the result of 15 years of research and on going R&D at VLCC. Based on the goodness of Ayurveda, this product is made with herbal and vegetable extracts. VLCC SHAPE UP Hips, Thighs & Arms Shaping Gel has been specially formulated to reduce cellulite, firm skin and increase skin elasticity. It is non greasy, easy to apply and gets absorbed fast. It makes the skin smooth and restores the body's youthful look with visible results within 14 days.


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