Wedding Pooja Package Items

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 Wedding Pooja Package Items

Wedding Pooja Package Items

List price: S$850.00
**Items highlighted in red are only available in the full package

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The complete package for your wedding ceremony needs.

*Please place your order at least 10 days in advance*

**Items highlighted in red are only available in the full package

1Manjal powder1 packet
2Kungumam1 packet
3Sandalwood powder1 box
4Agarbathi1 packet
5Sambrani1 packet
6Ball of white thread1
7Nel Pori1 packet
8Rosewater (Paneer)1 bottle
9Navathaniyam1 packet
10Nel 1 packet
11Ghee1 tin
12Raw Rice1kg
13Milk1 bottle
14Lamp Wick1 packet
16Lamp oil1 bottle
17Sudam1 packet
18Rock sugar ( Karkandu)1 packet
20Banana1 comb
21Betel Leaf1 kavuli
22Betal Nuts (Paakku)1 packet
23Kumba Pattu1 packet
24Red thombu cloth1 meter
25Thalai banana leaf5
26Mango leaf kottu2 kottu
27Viboothi1 packet
28Sunaambhu1 box
29Manavarai mat
30Kumba garland1
31Wedding garland2
32Seeyakaai garland2
33Hand Flower set2
34Loose flower1 packet
35Jasmine Flower Ball2
36Veshti- priest
37Minji -Groom & Bride
2 pairs
38Yellow Rice
1 packet
39Homam Kuchi
1 Packet

To be bought separately

1Arasaani paanai
2Couple saree/ veshti
3Mapillai thozhan veshti
4In-laws saree-veshti
6Ring for mapillai thozhan
7$1 coin x 11

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