Explore Mandai Rainforest Resort: Singapore’s New Eco Retreat


Mandai Rainforest Resort | Photo Source: Mandai Rainforest Resort

Nestled amidst the lush greenery of Singapore’s wildlife parks, the Mandai Rainforest Resort is set to open in the first half of 2025. This upcoming eco-friendly retreat promises a unique sanctuary where guests can immerse themselves in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Operated by Banyan Tree, a renowned luxury hotel chain, the resort aims to offer a harmonious blend of luxury, sustainability, and nature-based experiences.

About Mandai Rainforest Resort

Location and Setting

The Mandai Rainforest Resort will be situated within the Mandai Wildlife Reserve, a prime location surrounded by five prominent wildlife parks: Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, River Wonders, Bird Paradise, and the upcoming Rainforest Wild. This unique setting allows guests to immerse themselves in a rich tapestry of wildlife experiences and nature activities, all within proximity. The resort’s strategic position provides access to these diverse attractions, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. Overlooking the serene Upper Seletar Reservoir, the resort offers stunning panoramic views, creating a tranquil and picturesque atmosphere perfect for a relaxing getaway. Guests can enjoy the soothing sounds of nature and the calming sight of the water, making the Mandai Rainforest Resort a true sanctuary for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life while being surrounded by the beauty of the natural world.

Unique Accommodations

Treehouses and Room Types

One of the standout features of the Mandai Rainforest Resort is its innovative accommodations. The resort will boast 24 elevated seed pod-shaped treehouses, seamlessly integrated into the natural landscape. These unique treehouses offer a spectacular view of the surrounding forest and the Upper Seletar Reservoir, providing a one-of-a-kind stay experience.

In addition to the treehouses, the resort will feature a total of 338 rooms, including both standard and family rooms. The family rooms are designed with a dedicated loft bed and a children’s corner, making them ideal for families seeking a cosy retreat. Whether you are staying in a treehouse or a standard room, you can expect a perfect blend of comfort and nature.

Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Sustainable Design and Practises

Mandai Rainforest Resort is committed to sustainability and eco-friendliness. The entire resort is designed to minimise its environmental impact and preserve the natural surroundings. The four-storey building is elevated above ground to allow native wildlife to move freely across the site, maintaining the integrity of the local ecosystem.

Energy-saving measures are a key aspect of the resort’s design. Natural ventilation is utilised extensively, reducing the need for artificial cooling systems. Additionally, the resort employs smart control strategies, passive infrared occupancy sensors, and passive displacement ventilation, which uses chilled water instead of traditional air conditioning units. These measures contribute to the resort’s status as the first Super Low Energy (SLE) resort in Singapore.

Resort Facilities and Amenities

Dining Options

Guests at Mandai Rainforest Resort can look forward to a variety of dining options. The resort will feature an all-day dining restaurant, as well as a speciality restaurant that highlights sustainably sourced ingredients. These dining venues will offer a delightful culinary experience, with menus designed to reflect the resort’s commitment to sustainability and local flavours.

Recreational Facilities

The resort will also offer a range of recreational facilities to ensure guests have a memorable stay. These include a state-of-the-art gym, a rooftop swimming pool with breathtaking views, and a spa where guests can indulge in holistic treatments. The Wellness Centre at the resort will provide a sensory journey through local art and design, enhancing the overall relaxation experience.

Event Spaces

For those planning events or meetings, Mandai Rainforest Resort offers versatile spaces, including a ballroom and multiple meeting rooms. These facilities are ideal for hosting conferences, weddings, and other special occasions, providing a unique venue set amidst nature.

Immersive Nature Experiences

Wildlife Parks and Attractions

The proximity of Mandai Rainforest Resort to various wildlife parks ensures that guests have a plethora of activities to choose from. Visitors can explore the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, River Wonders, Bird Paradise, and the upcoming Rainforest Wild. Each park offers unique experiences and opportunities to learn about diverse wildlife and ecosystems.

Guided Activities and Programmes

The resort will offer a specially curated programme of activities designed to connect guests with nature. These include guided nature walks, hands-on activities, and behind-the-scenes programmes that provide insights into the local flora and fauna. Whether you are a nature enthusiast or just looking to unwind, there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

Upcoming Attractions at Mandai Wildlife Reserve

Rainforest Wild Asia and Africa

One of the most anticipated attractions is Rainforest Wild, which will be divided into Rainforest Wild Asia and Rainforest Wild Africa. These parks will offer immersive experiences that allow visitors to explore different layers of the rainforest ecosystem. From wheelchair-friendly boardwalks and forest trails to aerial adventures that involve climbing, jumping, and abseiling, guests can engage in various activities while encountering animals like the Malayan tiger, Malayan sun bear, and okapi.

Mandai Boardwalk and Indoor Experiences

In addition to the wildlife parks, the Mandai Wildlife Reserve will feature a 3.3-kilometre boardwalk along the perimeter of River Wonders and Singapore Zoo. This freely accessible boardwalk will provide visitors with stunning views of the Upper Seletar Reservoir and an opportunity to immerse themselves in nature.

Indoor attractions will include Exploria, an immersive edutainment space, Curiosity Cove, a multi-sensory playground for children, and ZooSchool, Singapore’s first zoo-based adventure school for young kids. These facilities will offer educational and entertaining experiences for visitors of all ages.


The Mandai Rainforest Resort is poised to become a premier destination for those seeking a nature-centric retreat in Singapore. With its eco-friendly design, luxurious accommodations, and close proximity to a variety of wildlife experiences, the resort promises a unique and memorable stay for guests. As it opens its doors in 2025, visitors can look forward to a serene sanctuary that harmoniously blends luxury, sustainability, and the beauty of nature. Whether you are a local or an international traveller, the Mandai Rainforest Resort will be the perfect launch pad for exploring the rich offerings of the Mandai Wildlife Reserve. This eco-retreat invites you to rest, relax, and recharge in a setting that celebrates and preserves the natural world.

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