Nissin XXL in Singapore: Giant Cup Noodles Now Available at FairPrice


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The Nissin XXL Jumbo Cup Noodles have taken the internet by storm, captivating noodle lovers with their gigantic size and diverse flavours. Originally gaining popularity in China, these mammoth-sized noodles have now made their way to Singapore. For those who adore instant noodles, the arrival of these Jumbo Cups is a dream come true. Available at selected FairPrice supermarkets, these noodles promise not only an intriguing experience but also great value for money.

What are Nissin XXL Jumbo Cup Noodles?

The Concept Behind the Jumbo Cup

Nissin’s XXL Jumbo Cup Noodles are a novelty product that stands out due to its sheer size. The concept is simple yet brilliant: a massive cup that houses multiple regular-sized Nissin cup noodles. This giant cup is not meant to be filled with a single serving of noodles but instead contains an assortment of popular flavours, making it a fun and practical purchase for noodle enthusiasts.

History and Popularity in China

The Jumbo Cup Noodles first went viral in China, where they quickly became a sensation on social media platforms. People were fascinated by the enormous packaging and the variety of flavours packed inside. This product’s popularity can be attributed to its unique presentation and the convenience it offers, combining multiple servings into one giant container. This viral trend has now reached Singapore, much to the delight of local fans.

Nissin XXL in Singapore

Availability at FairPrice Supermarkets

In Singapore, the Nissin XXL Jumbo Cup Noodles are available at selected FairPrice supermarkets. These include FairPrice Hypermarkets and some FairPrice Finest stores. The product was officially launched on 15 June 2024, and it didn’t take long for it to sell out across various outlets. The demand has been incredibly high, reflecting the product’s popularity and the excitement surrounding its availability in Singapore.

Pricing Details and Value for Money

Each Jumbo Cup is priced at $20 at FairPrice supermarkets. While this might seem steep at first glance, the price is justified when you consider that the cup contains 11 regular-sized Nissin cup noodles. This breaks down to about $1.80 per cup, which is quite reasonable. Besides, the Jumbo Cup itself can be repurposed as a storage container or a quirky keepsake, adding to its overall value.

Other Retailers and Online Options

Apart from FairPrice, the Nissin XXL Jumbo Cup Noodles were also spotted at Don Don Donki stores, priced slightly lower at $18.95. However, these have been sold out as well. For those unable to find them in physical stores, the noodles are also available online on platforms like Shopee. Given the high demand, it’s best to act fast if you’re keen on securing one of these Jumbo Cups.

What’s Inside the Jumbo Cup?

Flavours Included

The Nissin XXL Jumbo Cup is a treasure trove of flavours, catering to a wide range of tastes. The cup contains one regular-sized serving each of the following flavours:

  • Tom Yam
  • Seafood
  • Spicy Seafood
  • Laksa
  • Chilli Crab
  • Mushroom Chicken
  • Fish Head Curry
  • Kyushu White
  • Korean Army Stew
  • Black Pepper Crab
  • Chicken

This diverse assortment ensures that there’s something for everyone, from the classic Tom Yam to the exotic Fish Head Curry.

Packaging and Presentation

The packaging of the Nissin XXL Jumbo Cup Noodles is as impressive as the product itself. The giant cup measures 35cm in diameter and 40.5cm in height, making it a striking addition to any kitchen. Inside, the noodles are neatly organised into three tiers, each containing several cups. This thoughtful arrangement not only keeps the noodles fresh but also makes it easy to access and store them.

Practical Uses for the Jumbo Cup

Once you’ve enjoyed all the noodles, the Jumbo Cup can be repurposed in various ways. Its sturdy construction makes it ideal for use as a storage container for kitchen items, toys, or even as a quirky planter. Its unique design also makes it a fun conversation piece, adding a touch of novelty to your home.

Customer Reactions and Reviews

Social Media Buzz

The arrival of the Nissin XXL Jumbo Cup Noodles in Singapore has generated significant buzz on social media. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram are flooded with unboxing videos, reviews, and creative uses for the giant cup. Users have shared their excitement and satisfaction with the product, highlighting its fun factor and the variety of flavours.

Unboxing Experiences

Many users have posted detailed unboxing videos, showcasing the impressive size and the array of noodles inside. These videos often capture the awe and delight of discovering the different flavours packed into the giant cup. The unboxing process itself has become a popular trend, with many people sharing their experiences online.


Taste and Quality Feedback

Feedback on the taste and quality of the noodles has been overwhelmingly positive. Fans appreciate the familiar flavours of Nissin cup noodles, with some noting that the variety included in the Jumbo Cup adds an extra layer of enjoyment. The noodles maintain the same quality and taste that Nissin is known for, making this product a hit among instant noodle enthusiasts.

Where to Buy Nissin XXL in Singapore

List of FairPrice Outlets

The Nissin XXL Jumbo Cup Noodles are available at selected FairPrice outlets across Singapore. These include various FairPrice Hypermarkets and FairPrice Finest stores. Due to high demand, it’s advisable to check the availability at your nearest store or call ahead to ensure they have stock.

Availability at Don Don Donki

Don Don Donki also carried the Nissin XXL Jumbo Cup Noodles, but they are currently sold out. However, it’s worth keeping an eye on their stock as they might restock the product given its popularity.

Online Purchase Options

For those who prefer the convenience of online shopping, the Nissin XXL Jumbo Cup Noodles are available on platforms like Shopee. This option is especially useful if you’re unable to find them in physical stores. Be sure to act quickly, as these noodles are selling out fast.


The Nissin XXL Jumbo Cup Noodles have made a spectacular entry into the Singapore market, offering a unique and exciting product for instant noodle fans. With their impressive size, diverse flavours, and practical uses, these noodles are more than just a novelty item. They represent great value for money and a fun addition to any noodle lover’s pantry. Whether you’re buying them for yourself or as a gift, the Nissin XXL Jumbo Cup Noodles are sure to bring joy and satisfaction. So, head to your nearest FairPrice or check online to grab yours before they’re all gone!

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